Monday, March 2, 2009

It takes a comadre

In Hispanic culture there is a concept called a comadre or co-mother.

A comadre was originally the Godmother in a child's baptism. Being a comadre implied a sacred and lifelong commitment to both the child and to the mother. A comadre was the woman you could count on for absolutely anything.

Today, the term comadre has come to mean a friend so close to you, that you consider her to be your sister/mother. She is best friend to you and to your children.

Don’t do it alone. All women need comadres. All children need the comadres of their mother to turn to.

Hilary Clinton used the African phrase, “It takes a village” to raise a child.

I say, it takes a comadre to be alive and well in this world.

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virginia said...

Elizabeth!!!! HELLOOO!!! So wonderful to find you after all these years!!! You may not remember me... we met through Rutgers YEARS ago... I was living in France, you'd just moved to Mexico, I think...
I bought your book at the time and have only JUST read it!!! I loooved it. And would love to hear from you, reconnect...
my email is
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