Monday, April 21, 2008

The 11 must-have people in your life

You can't get through life alone. You cannot possibly be an expert in every area of your life. Wherever you live and especially, when you move, try to find these important people who are basic to your well being. Cultivating lifelong relationships is even better.

Get referrals from people you like and respect. My gynecologist, besides being a superb doctor, has an extraordinary personality. Whenever I need a specialist I ask him, for he has a chain of equally good doctors with extraordinary personalities.

Don't wait for the crisis point to find a lawyer or a doctor. When you are in an emergency, you are not in the mood to be interviewing people. You want to have them at the ready. Always be open to meeting these individuals, so that when you do need their help, you feel confident in their abilities and that they have your best interests in mind.

1. A good doctor.
2. A good dentist.
3. A good mechanic.
4. A good lawyer.
5. A good plumber.
6. A good electrician.
7. A good accountant.
8. A good hair stylist.
9. A good therapist.
10. A good spiritual advisor.
11. A good friend.

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